Cameron Dallas' Sister//Shawn Mendes

Cameron Dallas' Sister//Shawn Mendes

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lvkehemmings_ By lvkehemmings_ Updated Sep 20, 2015

"Why are you upset?"

"Cameron you left me for almost a year now, for them. Now your saying I can't like them? Get over yourself!"

"I'm your older brother, you barely know them Jenna, choose."

1800-Mendes 1800-Mendes Feb 06, 2016
Me when girls act like they haven't seen there friend for 3 months but it was 1 day
Magconlover2470 Magconlover2470 Jun 04, 2016
I kinda like Shawn Nash Hayes Hayes Hayes Cameron Jack G Jack J Matt Cater Hayes Jacob Aaron Hayes Taylor Hayes and Hayes
illumimatemermaid illumimatemermaid Oct 18, 2016
Matt and Shawn 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤😍 especially Shan
jenellewashington1 jenellewashington1 Sep 19, 2016
My eyes change based off my emotions
                              Hazel- happy excited
                              Brown-bored annoyed tired
                              Black-angry sleepy
Bun_master_1623904 Bun_master_1623904 Mar 24, 2016
Mine are yellow near the pupil and green one day and the next there just blue ❓ I get so confused 😂
visionscarlet visionscarlet Oct 12, 2015
I know I love him but as long as I get Carter at least or Matthew then it's fine