Vampire State of Mind

Vampire State of Mind

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Samita By mitalalala Updated Aug 09, 2010

OKAY!, so i wrote this story last year, when i get bored during the summer, my friends fell in love with it and yeah, my friend said i should post on here, i did a year later. but the thing is, i have thirteen chapters done, and i have to rewrite them, so if you could read this and comment yelling at me to write more? :) that'd be greatly appreciated :D. 
oh and if you could check out my other story ;), Elemental Secrets 
^title credit goes to Kabas426, my best friend <3
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Heeey. My names Samita; but everyone calls me Sami, so call me that ;). Other nicknames include; Mita, Sami-Boo, Sami-Bear, Pumkin, etc (: I'm 15 going on to 16, and I'm Indian, and proud, so if you're racist, get off my page right now. No joke, I hate racists and fake people. I'm generally a nice person to be around, unless you start shit, then your screwed...just saayin. Oh, and I'm not actually a Gangstaah, or an angel; well not technically. (A) My life's stupid atm, and I'm lost, trying to find my waay.
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mitalalala mitalalala Aug 09, 2010
@YvetteRussell Awwh thanks you so much! I never actually thought of that! I'm gonna add it in! Thanks for the idea! :D awwh thanks you! You have no idea how much that means to me! And I will def read vote and fan your story! :) I'll tell you what I think. Thanks again! (: