It's Wrong, But It Feels Right- A Kol Mikaelson Romance

It's Wrong, But It Feels Right- A Kol Mikaelson Romance

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Jenny Worthington By seventeenmoons Completed

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've tried my best to get the characters to talk the way they would in the show back in the tenth century. I hope you love this story! (P.S I'm sorry it's so short!) All character bleong to L.J Smith and CW except for my OC!

                                                               THENTH CENTURY

I carried the basket, made of vines from the forest, back home to the village. When I arrived I saw Elijah Mikaelson and Niklaus Mikaelson fighting with their swords once again. I felt a small smirk creep upon my lips as I walked past the fight. When I walked into the hut my Mother was cutting up charred roots with the other witches in town Greta and Esther. "Mother, I fetched the berries." I told her. "Thank you darling." She took it from my hands as she placed it onto the floor. "I hope they were the ones you requested. I found it hard to find." I told her. "They are lovely." I smiled at her. "Why do you not run along to the caves?" She asked. "I will. Good day." I walk...

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Unknown7052 Unknown7052 Aug 12, 2017
                              Elijah i love you i really do. But you did NOT just fo that!
Jelsolina Jelsolina Dec 25, 2016
Whooooa. I'm not a big fan of elijah but this was kind of sweet...
ABC12322002 ABC12322002 Dec 28, 2015
Your good at the tenth centery theme if i tried i would fail.
-Stilinskii -Stilinskii Jan 11, 2015
so is there going to be a sequel or should i just keep reading and see if the end says "and with that 2 vampires lived happily ever after" or something like "will they ever get back together or not?" hmm
bigfry14 bigfry14 Nov 08, 2012
I love how alyah is sharing herself between the brothers its like who is she going to choose ??? what's going to happen next??? how will kol react at this can't wait to read more :D xxxxxxxxx
KaylaParis KaylaParis Jul 02, 2012
OH MY GOD!! i seriously thought I was the only one completely in love with Kol from TVD and thought he was gorgeous! i'm definitely reading this omg I love you!!! haha sorry i'm like fangirling because i'm soo happy i found this <3