Mine ; Taylor Caniff

Mine ; Taylor Caniff

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mia By shirtlesscaniff Updated Jun 17, 2016

"somewhere between our laughs, fights, and dumb pranks, I fell in love."

Peyton Montgomery lived an ordinary life, that is until she downloaded an app called Vine. Maybe creating a few of her own wouldn't hurt?

Before she could blink, these few six-second videos went viral. She was a sensation, gaining millions of followers. People found her quite funny, even if she didn't take it seriously. 

But soon after, she's contacted by a man named Bart Bordelon. He asks her to join the Magcon Tour, in which she quickly agrees. 

Little did she know, a boy by the unfamiliar name of Taylor Caniff would be on the tour, too.

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noraalol noraalol Jun 26
Husband❤️❤️Johnson and Espinosa girl❤️❤️🌷
MATTOSAURUS ESPINOREX (I made the last name up sorry if it's wrong or you don't like it lol)
Thank god!!! Every single magcon fanfic has the girl wearing crop tops and high waisted shorts with vans. Thank you so much for not making her a basic white bïtch! #NoOffense #ImHalfCrackerButANiggaToo lmao😂
I'm the type of person to pay for everything! Even if someone offers it to me for free. Even if I barely have any money and am on the verge of getting kicked out of my apartment...I'd still pay for anything I needed.
RhyneBooker RhyneBooker Dec 12, 2015
@hannah_noelle14  you live in this town to I will go to high school next year my friend lived by Taylor until he moved
hannah_noelle14 hannah_noelle14 Nov 23, 2015
Taylor used to go to my highschool before he left for Hollywood