A Mermaid's Kiss | OLD VERSION

A Mermaid's Kiss | OLD VERSION

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Hypno Cat By IAmHypnoCat Completed

I loved her, even if she never knew my name. She was my Ariel, and I know I am her Eric. 

No matter what she says.

#1 in short story on 02/07/18

This beautiful cover was a gift from @Kmbell92! If you somehow haven't yet, please check her out!

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aye_shaa aye_shaa Jun 22
Wait is it the type that gives people nightmares? I'm fine with people obsessed, murders and stalkers but not with ghosts and flying cockroaches nuh uh that's a no-no
I feel bad for mistaking it for a romance story but I am a fan of horror/dark stories as well so I was actually quite happy about it.
xxStefani xxStefani Mar 13
😂😂 i wish this was here when i first started reading lmaooo. i expected the little mermaid type of stuff but it’s okay 😂
Well yeah I sure hope it isnt I came here cus of the tags.....
                              WHAAAAT Im a weird person deall with it😂.
kmbell92 kmbell92 Mar 14
What are you talking about?! This is the best lurv storeh eva!
Well it's a one sided, twisted sort of love... Maybe obsession is a better word for it.