Little brother (boyxboy)

Little brother (boyxboy)

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dork By AnonymousNerdie Updated Apr 26, 2015

The teacher got up to open the door and who there was shocked me completely. There was the headmaster holding my little brother's Zac's hand. His eyes roamed around the class until his eyes locked with mine, since I was at the back row. 

His eyes light up and he dropped the headmaster's hand.

"Daddy!" He shouted and ran towards me. The whole class gasped and watched my little brother run towards me. You may wonder why he called me daddy, but that's a story for another. I swear I even heard someone growl, but I decided to ignore it and dropped to my knees on the floor and opened my arms for Zac.

I grinned as Zac jumped in to my arms. I caught him and spun him around as he giggled.

Practically all the girls were aww'ing to us and even few guys, I swear.

Friendship, betrayal, secrets and love. 

I suck at descriptions, just give this story a chance! 

And if you don't like boyxboy stories, I suggest you find another story to read!

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Tazzle001 Tazzle001 Jun 15, 2017
This was a really good chapter. I feel sadness and heartbreak for this guy. I would have lost it with everything he's gone through.
HairyPootahsSexyNips HairyPootahsSexyNips Apr 06, 2017
Even if it hasn't been updated in over a year I still love it and I'm going to re-read it because it fabulous 😭😭😭
ilovepeas ilovepeas May 10, 2017
Haven't these people heard this amazing thing (not so amazing at times) call siblings?
ilovepeas ilovepeas May 10, 2017
The wall has feelings!
                              That's why you're in pain now.
                              You broke the wall's feelings, it broke your hand
oooookaaaay oooookaaaay Nov 20, 2016
Wow teens having kids is getting way to accepted in society.
oooookaaaay oooookaaaay Nov 20, 2016
Lmfao 'like a boss' I always laugh when I read today's slang in books.