Spotlight Shadows (BoyxBoy)

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Cosette By FireflyLullaby Updated 3 years ago
They say you can never really get away, but I’m willing to try. Moving a few cities over might just keep the memories from invading me like a constant. On the first few days, I’ve already done things I’ve never been able to do before, like meeting a few prospective friends: Xander, Jude, Sunny, Colette, and Lilian. Xander, with his trademark smile that gives me butterflies and a carefree disposition that makes me laugh so I feel like I’m flying; Jude, an asshole who turns out to only hate me because he thinks I’m making the moves on his crush-since-forever, Sunny; Sunny, an energetic bubbly girl that has many hugs to offer; Colette, a blunt no-nonsense girl who’s actually pretty chill to the core; and Lilian, a badass super model who struts the halls like it’s the runway and sees nothing wrong with being just a little bit promiscuous. What brought us together was music. Creating music. I should’ve have seen it coming then, that these were the people who’d change my life. They showed me how to live and let go, how to dream and fly. I didn't mind getting dragged along their adventure in pursuit of their dreams, because it soon became mine as well. My name is Noah Fiore, and this is how I learned to love, live, and laugh.
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