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Jess By MyMoodIsPink Updated 3 years ago
Nothing is more painful than having your only child disappear. Michael Hanes knows just that pain. When his three year old daughter, Erin, goes missing from her birthday party, he falls into a deep depression. Years after her disappearance, he finally decides to do something with his life. His only goal becomes to help others avoid this pain at all cost. Things become dicey when he is contacted by Claire Kilbourn, the mother of a missing six year old. She takes Michael on a ride that he will never forget. (Description will be edited. This is just a filler.)
i love your writing. That was such a tragic. I can't imagine how he must feel right now.
This is amazing, so far, the best I've read. I had to admit the beginning was a bit tedious but then when Erin went missing, I just couldn't stop reading. Good job, I'm definitely adding this to my library (:
i saw this tv show wherein it the event on the party was similiar to this one but the scenes in here are more intense. where might erin be :(( reading on to find out!
I like it so far. The dramatic twist when Erin was gone was really sad. The only thing I would say is inaccurate is how little Erin can speak at age three.  I babysit a two year old that has a larger vocabulary then that.
I love this! Hes all jolly and merry taking a potty break and then chaos erupts. Great start to it. :)
I love how the story caught me up in such a dramatic twist. One moment  everything is merry then the next part everything just became dark. I also love how you used a man's POV for this, as it adds to the effect of the story. Kudos to you!
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