The Girl With No Cape

The Girl With No Cape

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yeehaw By _awful_ Updated Aug 30, 2018

Everyone thinks being a superhero would be great. Like the genius billionaire Batman, and Iron Man, who's names plastered on every comic book and bunches of t.v shows. Well Jay didn't share the same opinion.

Finding out you have supernatural powers at age ten seems cool. And it was. Until she showed her parents, expecting smiles, and maybe even praise for the way she sent the glasses of wine into the air, spinning around the room with the wine gently swirling into different glasses every minute. The huge smile plastered on her face, growing bigger every second. Then the smile diminishing when she set the glasses down and looked at her parents. There were no smiles, no friendliness, no tenderness. 

They were scared.

She was carted off to her grandparents and told to never use her powers.

Then she meets someone like her.

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