The Hatred Between Us ~ + you. 짐민 - ✔️

The Hatred Between Us ~ + you. 짐민 - ✔️

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Larz By ParkKimVMin Completed

(Jimin FF) 

Why'd you hurt me?

Why'd you play me?

Why did you leave me like this?

You said you loved me. But, now as I think of it.. you lied to me.. YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING..
You'll regret what you did, Park Jimin.

You really did hate him.. you hated him so much that, you wanted to kill him.. but there was one thing you really regret.. Falling for Him. 

You grew feeling's for Jimin, by the minute.. until.. you were announced to be arranged a marriage with him. Little did you know.. Jungkook had a crush on you. But, you only thought of him as a friend. Jimin hated you so much he didn't care about you at all. Did you care? Did you hate yourself falling for the jerk? Or... did you regret... Being in love with him? 

Love story's end with happy endings but.. this story is different. 

Then .. he realizes His 'true feelings'... 


Will you forgive?

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