Kissed By My Angel~ Book One

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Valerie Parker By KissedByMyAngel Completed
Angel is in a lot of trouble. Her once wonderful boyfriend Antonio is turning out to be not so wonderful. In fact, he's starting to become abusive. Not to mention he's in a gang, so when she finally can't stand him anymore and breaks up with him, he gets his crew after her. They want something from her, something she never would do for them. Having no protection from his gang, she finds herself recieving help from no other than...her guardian angel? Who will win the war? And will Angel find herself falling in love with her own angel? 
    And what happens when she discovers Antonio and his gang are fallen angels?
    Adult situations. Drugs/Violence.
    ©Written by Valerie Parker (KissedByMyAngel).
This is stunning! I love the expression used throughout the piece. Really great read!
he's not a good parent. Better believe if my child came home late and with a hangover I'll have a hand across their face and a belt across their butt. then I would make them listen to Justin Bieber over and over and clang pots and pans together and see if it helps with their hangover :-)
U are a great writer i can't wait to see u succeed and in 10 Yeats I will be proud to say that I found out about u when u where writing ur first chapter of this book on watt pad hope u succeed
I wish i could write like that your really good i wrote something but i  dont think people like it... well keep writing like that and youll have a billion votes. :3
I read a book like this that was called kissed by an angel. I can already tell this is going to be good. I''m reading the  whole thing.
Love the way her dad's like really chilled out :) Great start btw! xx