The Unexpected Gentleman

The Unexpected Gentleman

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Dani By Dani_Ferrer Completed

Theodore Sutherland is the most sought after man in the country for his wealth and powerful reputation, behind his luxurious living however, Theodore kept a secret - he wanted nothing to do with the family he has left.

But upon the death of his grandfather, he returned to Nottingham.

On the day of his return, he comes across a woman that sparks his interest. 

Cover by: ominous_

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Can we have a little more detail here? That had to hurt, could she have dropped the bread or stumbled back a little?
LoreLorelei LoreLorelei Feb 17, 2016
French fries aren't French. They were invented and popularised in Belgium
Bigmikessherry Bigmikessherry Jul 24, 2015
I'm a little concerned that you would start thisstorybefore you finished your other work. If I amgoingto have to wait a week or two , I'm just not interested! You  gained my interest but if there is nothing to read yet then I'm off to find anothermorecompletedstory.
mommapunkin mommapunkin Jul 22, 2015
I've tried to vote to let you that I had enjoyed reading your book's chapter, but for some reason it will not let me vote.
lizziechan lizziechan Jul 20, 2015
"your bloody butler's." Let me know if you don't want to be notified on these types of thing. I'm mostly ok with grammar error, but these your vs you're tick me off.
Oceanna52 Oceanna52 Jul 17, 2015
I must say you've sparked my interest I already love historical romances to pieces so this one sounds so promising its become a must read for me