Undertale  - A Second Chance

Undertale - A Second Chance

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AlpineSettler By AlpineSettler Completed

In an alternate reality, only one boy fell into the Underground. Adopted by the Dreemurrs, life was good. Until another child fell and everything changed. Ray and Asriel are now alone, without a family, without a world to call their own until they are teleported to another timeline: the Post-Pacifist time-line, where Frisk has led Monsters to the Surface into peace and prosperity for years. However, not all is well. Some Humans don't get along with the Monsters, and things only get worse when Sans reveals that a terrible evil is at work in Earth, sabotaging both Humanity and Monsterkind. Earth will be thrust into either unparalleled peace or all-encompassing war. Regardless of what happens, one thing is clear:The Ancient Days have returned and a New Age is coming.

Cover Art by AshleyArtz