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Kim TaeHyung, is one of the hot cheerleaders at Park high school. Along side her are her two best friends Jung Hoseok, and Min Yoongi.

Jeon JungKook is the team captain of the wolf pack football team. Seeing the beautiful Taehyung every game and practice.

Kim SeokJin is leader of the music Club. Cousins with the famous Min Yoongi, from the cheerleading squad. He also plays football.

Min Yoongi is a cheerleader who is also in the photography club. Her photos always getting hung around the halls and posted on the internet, people often mistake her for a nerd for her streight A's and shyness.

Jung Hoseok, a cheerleader as well, always happy and hyper. She is the cheer captain and loves music.

Park Jimin is a football players as well as the principals rich son. His title may make it seem he is snobby but he is really nice.

Kim Namjoon, football star. Known as the hottest guy in school. Gets straight A's and is a teachers helper.


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