The Magician Of The Court (Prince Of Tennis Fanfic)

The Magician Of The Court (Prince Of Tennis Fanfic)

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Completed

Ryoma and Rin are childhood friends, with the promise of going to the nationals together but one day she was involved in a accident where she saved Ryoma in return of her life own life. She was told by the doctor she didn't have long to live. 

Rin became devastated day by day. She didn't want anyone, especially Ryoma to see her like this so she left him thinking she was dead.

 2 years have past after that accident and Rin comes back disguised as a boy, to fulfill her promise with him. In the remaining time she has she goes to the same school, joins the regulars and falls in love.

Little does she know, everyone thinks they are falling in love with a boy! Ryoma starts to get a lot of competition but will he be able to overcome them, see through Rin's disguise and will he be able to accept the truth about Rin's condition? Read to find out xx

ISwear_ImNotInsane ISwear_ImNotInsane Jun 29, 2016
Technically, ponta is the same as a Fanta but they changed its name and look because of copyright claims on the brand.
Tiranran Tiranran Jul 17, 2016
Im sorry but isnt the point? Rin purpose is playing with ryoma without him knowing her identity right? If he remember...😑😑
onepiece_nakama onepiece_nakama May 08, 2016
Like...for perio- OHHHH WAIT she means medically as in her heart hurts or something hehe
dubiousSiren dubiousSiren Jan 23, 2016
Yeah I'm looking at teh chapters and thats probs why Yukimura's room is 305. Ranbara!
OtakuSleepyhead OtakuSleepyhead Sep 27, 2015
[Panda drinks Ponta]
                              Oh! No! I got the Izuki symptoms, please don't PUNish me T-T
reinyxforever14 reinyxforever14 Apr 07, 2015
well len is totally hot so yeah hes HOT lyk SUPER!!!KYAHHHHHHH