Merlin's Gold

Merlin's Gold

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Gavin Wilson By TheOrangutan Completed

(Historical Fiction / Adventure) Treachery and intrigue, adventure, action and romance are at the fore in this tale set around the legends of Arthur and Merlin.
The court of King Arthur is under threat from Hengist's Saxons who, lured by the promise of gold and land, surge out from the Saxon Shore to wreak havoc in the peaceful lands beyond. 

The Knights of the Round Table and their allies sally forth to defend the fragile peace. Will traitors bring down Camelot and the Kingship of Arthur? Can Merlin find the legendary hoard of the Dragon? 

Merlin's Gold awaits, for those who are brave or foolish enough to seek it out...

                              I'm not normally into historical fiction. but this is really well written. It is no wonder that you have so many readers.
                              Well done!
meharrjdawg meharrjdawg Jul 29
Oh my goodness. You're going to kill off one of the most important knights in chapter one. I'm freaking out.
meharrjdawg meharrjdawg Jul 29
I just finished watching the Merlin series on Netflix. I can't help but imagine the characters as they look on the show. I'm shocked that you killed Lancelot already.
HitTheDrum HitTheDrum May 21
The killing scene was brilliant. Description and all. 
                              This prologue has definitely intrigued me. Morgause's character is written so very nicely and with power. 
                              Great start! :)
I see Sean Bean as King Mark, bet this king will die soon :D
                              Just kidding, the prologue definitely keeps me reading till the end of the story.
Tiger22lilly Tiger22lilly 3 days ago
This is my first book from you Gav. Intriguing beginning, great characters!!!! I love everything Merlin and King Arthur related!!!!