Purple Fates

Purple Fates

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When a little fox was hurt by an unknown hunter, it was saved by a kind-hearted man as t was running away. Grateful, the animal decided to dedicate its life to its saviour, making a dubious deal with an old hermit. 

But who would have thought that the hermit's intentions weren't as pure as he made them to be and that he would anything to have the powers secretly hidden inside the fox. 

Even trying to kill the man the fox had given up everything for.


This was actually a creative writing I had to write for my French exams in middle school last year. I really liked it so I decided to change it a bit and rewrite it in English so people could enjoy it as much as I did creating it !

  • animals
  • fantasy
  • fox
  • girl
  • hermit
  • magic
  • moon
  • pendant
  • purple
  • short-story