Milkshake and Fries

Milkshake and Fries

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~Heroes don't exist~ By Annie_Sparks Completed

Cole Demos is an average guy who has two crazy best friends. One evening he was bored out of his mind and decided to text a random person asking them 'How to hide a dead body'. The lucky person was an 18 year old Lana Flynn, she lives with her two loving parents and has a huge obsession with Milkshakes and fries. Will her obsession bring the two amazing hearts together or will she help him with his problem?

WARNING: I don't proof read my chapters I just write them and post it. If you are a spelling nerd you've been warned! 

Used to be called 'How to hide a dead body'

  • body
  • dead
  • hide
  • internet
  • love
  • online
  • phone
  • text
DreamingAl0ne DreamingAl0ne Mar 31, 2016
I would respond. Say everything I learned from How To Get Away With Murder XD Knowing me!
Melanomaniac_17 Melanomaniac_17 Apr 20, 2016
Wot, I'm nearly 16 and I sleep not before 12:30/ 12:45 (my latest being 6:30)
ceanna_xoxo ceanna_xoxo Apr 17, 2015
you are a good writer it's very interesting I think u should more ;-)
MC_Katy MC_Katy Apr 01, 2015
Ya, that would be awkward if they actually were waiting for someone to text them about a body XD
_elsewhere _elsewhere Apr 13, 2014
Then again, I'd probably think he does sound like a paedophile because he keeps insisting too much that he's not... So I'd demand a skype call first and cover my camera to see how old he actually is first ;)
_elsewhere _elsewhere Apr 13, 2014
I think I would meet him if I was pretty or it would be quite awkward. He'd arrive, say "OH", then slowly back away.
                              By the way, I hope she sees that other guy from the gym/shop again ;)