A Lady unlike any other (four hoydens #1)

A Lady unlike any other (four hoydens #1)

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HIGHEST RANKING #1 in historical fiction. 

Rosalyn is living her life. She's reckless, stubborn, unladylike and all the other things a Lady isn't supposed to be. In short, she's the bane of her brother, the Earl of Morley's existence. 

Theo is more than satisfied with life. Women fawn over him, he's rich and he isn't aimless like most of the gentlemen of his acquaintance. 

He loves horses and so does she. He needs to marry and so does she. But do they want to marry each other? Not so much. 

Read more to find out what happens when a consummate rake-Lord Theodore Fortescue and an adventurous hoyden-Lady Rosalyn Orford find themselves entangled in a not so ordinary friendship topped off with an inconvenient attraction towards each other. Will they find love or will their circumstances tear them apart? 

If you're goofy, unladylike and reckless, I'm sure you will be able to relate to Rosalyn :D

Cover by @00Athena00