Under the Moon

49 Part Story 6.8K Reads 115 Votes
Xena By malibunerd Updated 2 years ago
12 year old girl genius, Zoe Zinc Zirconium (nicknamed Zeze), is the daughter of wealthy parents in District Three in Panem. She doesn't at all expect to be reaped for the 49th annual Hunger Games. Yet, on reaping day she is chosen. Due to the help of her best friend, Shayne, and her own intelligence, she is able to use science as a way to survive. But she survives by cheating. She befriends Copper, a tribute from District One who becomes her ally, despite the fact that he is strong, brave, and popular among the other tributes. Zeze may be a survivor but can she be the victor? And if she lives, what will become of her? How will the girl that cheated to survive in the Hunger Games be treated? Will she be allowed to continue her normal life? Or more likely, what horrible punishments will torment her throughout the course of her life?
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