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I'm the Little Sister to the 4 Hottest Gods FML!

I'm the Little Sister to the 4 Hottest Gods FML!

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Fae (: By SanDiegoBeachBumm Completed

Hi my name is Dyl its not short for anything, but it's a cool name to have anyway I'm sixteen years old, but it doesn't matter because everyone knows me as the little sister to the so called hottest guys who walked the planet and they see that as a ticket to get to my brothers.
Although I just think of them as the annoying over protective brothers that I see everyday.
My older brothers Peak, Ryden, Aaron, and Blaise who is my twin but older than me by fifteen minutes; don't let me date because they scare everyone who looks my way.
I haven't even had my first kiss shoot I don't even get any hugs from a guy since I went into high school.
Yet the only person who has guts to try to flirt with me is the new kid Chance who I met in my chemistry class saying 'he likes them feisty' because I didn't want to make his big head any bigger by drooling over him like every chick in that class.
 I mean c'mon he is just a new kid who happens to be hot-- ahem yea he looks decent enough, but did I mention my brother Blaise is in the class also.
Why can't I flirt with a guy without my brothers scaring them. UGH!

SJH4life SJH4life Mar 13
Yasssssssss ice cream all day🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨
SJH4life SJH4life Mar 13
I would have said "MAKE YOUR OWN D*MN
                              BREAKFAST OR STARVE!!!"😡😡😡
ddacat ddacat Mar 14
I mean, it's the same the other way around too. The girls don't like them for their personalities, just their bodies.
SuperNova2411 SuperNova2411 Jun 11, 2016
I'm sorry but of you wake me up like that ur getting karate chopped in the throat......................................... With a knife
Fangirl101_MCD Fangirl101_MCD Jun 11, 2016
So they're jerks at home but over protective at school? Wierd.
melodybrenny melodybrenny Sep 02, 2016
is anyone here because they saw ryden and thought brendon Urie and Ryan Ross lmao