Love at First Click [Published! Paperback/ebook]

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Angel By angellover254 Completed
(Previously known as Facebook Crush? - Unedited version) Violet's whole life changed on September 10, when he accepted her friend request on Facebook, a popular socializing network. His name was Noah Knight, and this is their story.
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you cant just fall for someone over an internet what if they fake their picture ? creepyy
If they didn't reply back, I just pester them again and again. Saying hi all over until they're annoyed. :)
its great story. I love it. very good start.untill moving into 2.3 chapters I  was totally confused  to identify whether this is a boy or a girl. one thing would like to tell I rather dont like sad ending. pls try to write happy ending
I was totally confused till the last sentence then I was like "Ohhhh.." then read it again XD
And then it changed I LIKED u, -.- the only thing going through my head right now