Kidnapped (completed/editing)

Kidnapped (completed/editing)

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That moment when you realize your safe place isn't safe at all..

Rosalie Nichole Hart has been sent creepy messages for months.She thinks nothing of it until someone breaks into her house...

©Copyright 2014 by Ayala,Samantha

Zara_Macca Zara_Macca Dec 01, 2016
Damn my parents would never be able to stay up that late at a dinner. They never tell me if they are going out and I just get used to not worrying
xMisadventuresx xMisadventuresx Aug 17, 2016
Of course I read this after getting a really weird picture sent to me by a number I don't know
Nigga damn can I sleep a little more  before you kidnap me DAMN a bitch need some sleep
Who the heck would want to be alone if they had a stalker....I would have called all my friends for a sleep over or had a shot gun in my hand for the whole night shooting at the slightest sound....Nvm I remembered my aim is bad I would have left
-victorious- -victorious- Aug 16, 2016
If you think this is your *bestie* then you have creepy friends
QweenSimone QweenSimone Aug 30, 2016
White grill.
                              I wear a long ass tee shirt no pants with panties and nooo bra and no nothing and wait till 1 to do my homework