Kidnapped (completed/editing)

Kidnapped (completed/editing)

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Samantha C. Ayala By Samantha_Ayala Completed

That moment when you realize your safe place isn't safe at all..

Rosalie Nichole Hart has been sent creepy messages for months.She thinks nothing of it until someone breaks into her house...

©Copyright 2014 by Ayala,Samantha

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CutyCathyOkeah CutyCathyOkeah Aug 09, 2017
Why is she happy that she is alone? Have you forgotten what your stalker said?
CutyCathyOkeah CutyCathyOkeah Aug 09, 2017
So he woke her up from sleep just so he can put her in a deep sleep?
-victorious- -victorious- Aug 16, 2016
This girl is so stupid,I pity the kidnapper that has to deal with her stupidity.
-victorious- -victorious- Aug 16, 2016
"Well aside from the fact that you disturbed my SLEEP, kidnapped me from my own home and tied me down to a chair then yeah,I'm grand. Well except for the bit when you disturbed my sleep,still kinda angry about that."
imdonesorrybye imdonesorrybye Jun 03, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              I have to say 
                              That escalated quickly
Sonia_SY Sonia_SY Aug 26, 2016
What if he literally fucks her? And be like, "Your wishes are my commands," 😂 😂