Life All Over Again

Life All Over Again

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This story is inspired by a story named Starting Over, by @BringTheButterKnife go check it out cause it's awesome!


*Contains strong-language and violence, Rated P-13*

I am terrible at deacriptions, so no judge.

My name is Tris Prior, I got shot and I died. But I survived.
It has been two years since Tobias, Chris and the others returned to Chicago. They have restored the faction system, but added a faction named Factionless. There the ones that don't fit anywhere, or Divergents go if they don't know what to choose. They saw Tris's body and now Tobias is heartbroken, cold. He hasn't seen his mother since they returned to Chicago, and doesn't want to either.
I woke up, I woke up after two years years. And now, now I'm gonna come back.

~Disclaimer; I do not own Divergent, the amaizing author Veronica Roth does~

(By the way, everyone from the gang is alive except for Will and Al ofc)

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