I'm old, weary, no longer the younger generation

I'm tired, careworn, no longer swimming and climbing

Where have the days of youth run to and hide?

Alas, age does nothing but dim our memories 

of the evidence it was ever there

I wish for the days of running, carefree,

I long for not worrying about other peoples concerns

I yearn for starting life all over again

To turn over the hourglass.

FrankieLarraineOyane FrankieLarraineOyane Jun 02, 2012
:) i decided i could be stuffed so i did, and that cover is of my brother
FrankieLarraineOyane FrankieLarraineOyane Apr 28, 2012
Hey guysssss hope you like it! just spur of the moment so probably not my best work but i posted it anyway