Broken Souls

Broken Souls

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"Don't hide those cheeks, beautiful. You're a nice change from the girls I see everyday." --Byron

Winter Summers has been in and out of foster homes since she was an infant. She's a loner and has extreme anxiety and depression. She prefers to be alone, and doesn't have any friends.

Winter just sits alone and reads the majority of her time, and she tends to stay out of big crowds. She wasn't your normal college girl. 

Byron Climson is troubled. Spending his life with an abusive father with no mother in his life, he lived to escape the pain. After getting put in juvie when he was fifteen, he tried to turn his life around, but his father just continued pushing him over the edge.

Byron knows college isn't for him, and only went to get out of his father's house, to be able to finally get on his feet with a job and get his own place.

What happens when these two broken souls come together?

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