Once You Go Hood.....

Once You Go Hood.....

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Raee!❤ By RavenJM Completed

Kyra is a good girl. She makes straight A's, has three best friends, one who doubles as a secret crush, and has the perfect reputation. But what lurks around the corner will change all that.... or should I say who?

RJ is the guy your parents try to keep you away from. He's the reason you can't wear tight clothes and stay out past curfew. He's trouble, in every sense of the word. But in all his malice and mischief, he manages to stumble upon Kyra, his ray of innocent light.

What happens when polar worlds collide and emotions act as deciding factors? 

This is the story which tells you what happens.... once you go hood.....

___mns ___mns Jan 16
a boy and a girl cannot be identical twins. Also, I have a twin sister, and we are very much IDENTICAL lol.
Lmaooo like off boyz in the hood , y'all could do that ancest thang 💀
___mns ___mns Jan 16
when I was in 8th grade, it was twins in my class that was 16.
yadaddyluvme yadaddyluvme a day ago
😭😭😭 yall worried bout the hair i'm just hoping Mia don't drop nothing cause aint nobody wanna see her butt
If they were my friends I wouldn't even go a party with them
labrianac labrianac 6 days ago
Lol a twin boy and girl cannot be identical,  but they can look alot alike