Once You Go Hood.....

Once You Go Hood.....

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Raee!❤ By RavenJM Completed

Kyra is a good girl. She makes straight A's, has three best friends, one who doubles as a secret crush, and has the perfect reputation. But what lurks around the corner will change all that.... or should I say who?

RJ is the guy your parents try to keep you away from. He's the reason you can't wear tight clothes and stay out past curfew. He's trouble, in every sense of the word. But in all his malice and mischief, he manages to stumble upon Kyra, his ray of innocent light.

What happens when polar worlds collide and emotions act as deciding factors? 

This is the story which tells you what happens.... once you go hood.....

NiaBanks1 NiaBanks1 Sep 20
Bajan in the house ... well chat bup💥🔫 bup💥🔫 bup💥🔫
Lol these bald headed bitches trying so hard to act like they got hair. Lol
How do they look the same if they're fraternal twins 🤔 ...
AbigailS_95 AbigailS_95 5 days ago
Looooooooool i just burst out laughing now everyone is giving me weird looks on the bus 😂😂😂😂😂
Mssweetybelle Mssweetybelle 17 hours ago
....Sooo.....U just gonna leave me here wit this boring ass nigga? 🖕😭😭😑
iluvmomo iluvmomo Sep 03
BITCH WHERE 😀💁💁😒😒😒✋ stop ur embrassing meh .