Mercy (Mate Series #1✔ SAMPLE)

Mercy (Mate Series #1✔ SAMPLE)

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Leila Vy By RamenLady Completed


"That's how life works. It's all about taking chances without knowing if you will get hurt in the end." 


Nikolai broke Roza's heart years ago. He left her after seducing her into his bed. He was young and careless. Although, instantly captivated by her beauty, he walked out the door the next morning.

Years later, they meet again and Nikolai is not the same man he was when he met her that night. Ruthless and cold yet yearning and craving for the one thing he left behind, Nikolai has one thing on his mind and that was to win the heart of his mate.


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I hate this when it comes to domestic violence. I'm a girl and I don't believe males should put their hand on a female. So that means, a female should not put their hand on a female.
Not gonna lie your book interested me because it didn't have the same old cliche story line so I am so not sorry you stated what your intentions were :)
I felt so entirely happy when I learned that! I always feel like what’s wrong with me when everyone else is so bitter I believe in forgiveness not to hurt people in spite and for this book to portray that made me read the book within a couple days haha!
Oh thank God, I don't want a Badass female. Because of wattpad, I hate that word and I just ughhhhh can't
Minaluvv Minaluvv Apr 24
I love it when the author stands firm on her works. Your work your style.
uberbooms uberbooms Apr 26
Hold up, so you are saying that if a girl cheats or walks out on her mate then  he should just forgive and forget like nothing happened.