Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~

Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~

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There is a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline...


College senior, Delanie Drakon, survives on heavy doses of coffee, tenacity, and instinct. Alone in a world made for people who are normal, she tries daily to fit in while feeling out of place every where she turns. Keeping secrets, acting normal, pushing her limits is all a day in the life for a Charmed Being. Top that with being a Corrupted, and it becomes even more complicated. Corrupteds aren't supposed to fit in. They aren't supposed to want more, to be more, but she does. She wants it all. She wants to change her fate. Despite being the descendant of one of the Charmed world's evilest foes, with Delanie's determination, she may just do it.

Gabriel Stone is a Hunter, by both birth and trade. Joining HAXA when barely out of school, he's worked his way up the organization which oversees the Charmed World, the world within the world. His job is to ensure the Corrupteds don't break the treaty, and the humans remain clueless about the invisible world of enchantment which surrounds them. Every mission he's ever been on has gone perfect. Every case he's worked, flawless. That is until he meets one Corrupted which defies nature and turns his organized world upside down. 

Now it's up to Gabriel to help protect his sworn enemy and up to Delanie to accept help from someone who only wants to see her fail. These two strangers will have to lay aside their differences if they want to make it out of this adventure alive.

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