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 Lupus Heart  |Wolf Duology Book I|  #The2017Awards

Lupus Heart |Wolf Duology Book I| #The2017Awards

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lisa ann By rawrilovebatman Updated Jul 30, 2016

Wolf Duology Book I

-Lupus is Latin for Wolf -
- Previously known as 'Beautifully Loved' and 'Heart of the Woodland Spark. -


I've been rejected, hated, and abused ever since I could remember; but never once loved. I live in constant fear of what the next day will bring but chances are I might not be alive to see the sun's rising or experience another morning's cold breeze. 

If I don't die from the constant beatings, I'm just as sure I'll die from the rejection and humiliation I receive everyday; that unlike them the beatings cause emotional damage too. I'm okay with dying, in fact I welcome the idea, if it wasn't for my wolf or my precious little miracle, I wouldn't be here today. 

I'm broken in every way possible including my heart, it's as damaged as me and the only who can repair me is my mate but even the idea of having a mate and what he'll bring to my life scares me. Love? Rejection? Hope? Only time will tell and let's just hope it's not to late for me.

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WeepySleepyPuppy WeepySleepyPuppy Mar 12, 2016
                              I would have went insane already
                              unless of course this is a metaphorical cage then I amd still living in it😧
frasermagoo frasermagoo Jul 31, 2016
he sounds a lovely little boy you say this story used to have another name it certainly rings bells did you finish it or have you started again with this story but changed it sorry if it sounds confusing
-l_l-Cali-l_l- -l_l-Cali-l_l- Jul 02, 2015
My best friends name! She's more like a devil tho..... And she would agree
Dragairy9333 Dragairy9333 Jul 01, 2014
I like it so far let's continue reading and see where it goes
RemmySobanjo RemmySobanjo Jun 17, 2014
I think i would have preferred if Talon found her in the closet
GreeWolLunaWarrior GreeWolLunaWarrior Jun 06, 2014
such a sad beginning and then such a sweet happy ending
                              i love it already