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Demons and Angels

Demons and Angels

131K Reads 4.1K Votes 12 Part Story
Riku E. Rouse By BrightNeko Completed

 For Masahiro, being the only demonic creature in a mortal world, was nothing short of boring and lonely. Sure he went to a human school and lived around them but he didn't feel like they were worth his time. So, deciding some humans weren't too important, he killed at least 10 every week. He pleasured him to no end. It was evening time when Masahiro came home one night after his killings, flopping lazily onto his couch. He sighed, his dark purple hung in his face. Raising his hand, he shot a blast of dark aura at his stereo. Hard core rock music immediately spouted from it. 
'This was the only good thing humans invented.' he thought, smirking. His demonic hearing picked up the angry shouts of the mortals in the neighborhood. He chuckled, closing his eyes. Suddenly, over the loudness of his music, he heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was one of the humans, he stood to tell them to bug off. Opening the door, he opened his mouth but stopped. A white haired, golden eyed boy stood at ...

Already got dem lovely gay yaoi-ness going on huh? *tries to smile innocently but fails*
PikachuTheHuman PikachuTheHuman Apr 27, 2016
I am gonna guess....they probably end up loving each other.........................................
PikachuTheHuman PikachuTheHuman Apr 27, 2016
cylena2001 I wish my room was purple!Purple is my favorite color
Lost_Howl Lost_Howl Dec 29, 2015
Tbh same. I like darker skies(like at night or when it's raining) but I think my favourite time to see the sky is early morning or at sunset. Loveeee the sky at those times <33
wcLuhan wcLuhan Nov 19, 2015
Nice work you made him feel comfortable to you.cheer up MASAHIRO!
Grimtales134 Grimtales134 Aug 20, 2015
*sarcastically* oh yeah. good job on making him run away or fly away. *reading a yaoi book with a slight blush* mush of it.