Im Not Suppose to Love You The Way I Do ::~On Hold~::

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♥♫♫♪♪♥ By SkyLush Updated 3 years ago
Before There Was Mindless Behavior, Before There Was Ray Ray Princeton Roc Royal and Prodigy, There Was Randy and Zarah. Zarahs Life Revolves Around Dancinq, and Her Bestfriend Randy. When Ray Ray and his Friends Decide They Want to Be part of The Music Career, Zarah Feels Left Behind By Randy. Not only that But She Starts to fall For Randy and his Friend Jacob. Living in the Streets isnt easy, But as  Long as her Friends are there She's Fine. RIght . ? Wronq . When they Leeave Her She's All Alone With Q and Darion. Two Gansters That Dont Take no For an Answer.
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