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A Ninja's Life (sort of Sasuke X OC, Gaara X OC)

A Ninja's Life (sort of Sasuke X OC, Gaara X OC)

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Kira By Kiragirl18 Completed

Kira Hatake is the little sister of Kakashi Hatake, Her best friend is Naruto Uzumaki. Kira is a holder of a hybrid dragon named Kaida. Kira doesn't like her friends hurt or upset. you will see later in the story. Kira has Crimson red eyes due to the dragon with in her, Gray hair like Kakashi, has an up beat personality and basically is really fun. Sasuke is in love with Kira because she is different and doesn't go all fan girl on him when actually she doesn't like him at all. Yandere Sasuke.
I quick stepped to her and rushed us to an ally. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" she yelled I smirk and hold her face kissing her! Damn it I can't help it I have to kiss her, hold her, touch her. If not for just this moment, I needed her just this very moment. She was pushing on my chest and I pushed her to the wall with my body more.

'Stop resisting me Kira I need you now!' I tilt her head to the side and lean deeper into her she screamed but it came out muffled I ran my fingers through her hair and tangle them in her gray locks. Man I was turned on, I untangle my left hand from her hair and move it down her body.
I hobble back to my room to gather my stuff when I see him...Gaara. I gasped in shock tears falling it was him. It was really him. He gave me a small smile before walking over and hugging me I wrap my arm around his neck and cry happy tears I missed him so much. He pulled back and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. This was amazing. It wasn't rough or demanding like when Sasuke kissed me it was sweet, soft, full of love and I couldn't be happier. I quickly return the kiss and push my body closer to his I wanted to be closer to him as much as I could. "Be mine." He spoke

kaibu-minatoza kaibu-minatoza Jun 20, 2016
For everyone reading on its the headband that the ninjas wear. Pass it on for the non-serious Naruto fans/ new fans!
precious-sempai precious-sempai Oct 27, 2016
Next thing you know he's gonna be like "Kira breathed, I thought it was the most adorable thing in the world."
KarasuNeko KarasuNeko Nov 28, 2016
I read the description and I have immediately come to a conclusion;
                              SCREW YOU SASUKE! KIRA'S HEART IS GAARA'S
                              I get way too worked up over these things
Derpy_Nerd_Luv_Anime Derpy_Nerd_Luv_Anime Aug 09, 2016
You got a problem with me Sakura you do to you do you like what is square up right now like right now let's get to it
korean_sister korean_sister Aug 27, 2016
But why Sakura?! Your my second favorite character after Hinata!
slaine2002 slaine2002 Jul 10, 2016
Sasuke is starting to scare me I feel bad for her she has to deal with him