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Keyleigh Storm Perham By Keyleigh_S_Perham Completed

She's the Omega; he's the Alpha's son.
Her life's been full of pain; his has been full of parties, popularity, and potential.
She's filled with shame; he's filled with pride. 
She's had to learn independence; he doesn't know the meaning of the word.
No guy would want to be seen dead with her; he's got girls begging for his attention.
She's accepted she's nothing; his ego is the size of the sun.
She's the shadow; he's the light.
They're from completely opposite ends of the spectrum.
How can two people have both lived for the same amount of years but the outcomes be so different?
And can you believe that they used to be best friends when they were younger?
How will they react when they both find out that they're predestined mates?
And what happens when they're forced to work together to help protect the Pack?
Read 'OMEGA' to find out!

This story is completed but currently being edited.

The cover was made by 0LizzyBrown0 :)

                              HPKU FRICK
I'm re reading all my favorite werewolf books for no apperant reason, Alpha Alexander, Omega, Nightshade (not on Wattpad by the way) ect.
English_Fangirl English_Fangirl Sep 11, 2016
I literally just clicked off this book and learnt the Greek alphabet in 10 minutes because I realised I have read lots of book where they mention the Greek alphabet and I never leaned it.
Malvika_Jha Malvika_Jha Oct 24, 2016
I low-key clicked on this book because that font was calling my name. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL HOLY SHI*T
wolfshadowmoonlover wolfshadowmoonlover Apr 07, 2016
You should have said this " he an  a$$ ...... She ......kinda an a$$
-wallflowerr -wallflowerr Jul 27, 2016
I read this a long time ago and when I tried to keep up I realized I forgot everything so I'm restarting