Unexpected Partners // A Klance Highschool AU (Completed)

Unexpected Partners // A Klance Highschool AU (Completed)

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For a project in school, Lance was forced to work with Keith. They hated it, but soon grew to reluctantly accept it. Turns out, Keith gets to see Lance more often because he's in the cheer team, due to reasons, and Lance is in the (American) Football team. Shiro goes missing and the soon-to-be paladins find him and go off into space where Lance starts liking Allura making Keith a bit jealous. Their adventure in space continues, and soon, there are many allies formed and lots of angst to come.

Yes, the cover is made by me, beautiful isn't it?

When this book is finished, be on the lookout for the sequel. IF there is one.

Disclamer: I did kinda use an idea from my favourite writer, soki_kun, but the rest of the storyline is my idea. Also, I do not own anything of Voltron, though I wish I do.

Off into space you go~