Love Is Nature

Love Is Nature

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Thegirlwithfeelings By Thegirlwithfeelings Updated Apr 28, 2012

Flowers grow,Flower's Sprout

Even through the mildest condition of a drought

Love is Like A Flower

Sometimes sweet but could be sour

The Sea takes you in and it takes you out

You wonder if you will survive you're in doubt

Love Is like the Sea 

There is always something fresh flowing out of you and me

You take good care of a seed

Love is mostly what you feed

Love is like a Seed

As time goes by it turns into a beautiful tree..Agreed

We need rain

As you listen to it it's sweet as a sugar cain

Love is rain

It makes Life less plain

There's you and there's me and there's us

At times we could be a fuss

Love is in us Love is us

That's something that we try each day not to make turn in to dust

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