The Difference Between You and I (D.Gray Man fanfic) (Lavi Story)

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Who's up for a guessing spree? By crimsonrain19 Updated 10 months ago
The Black Order was told that a girl travelling by the alias of "Snow White" is currently killing many Akuma. Lavi and Allen were sent to investigate the matter and Snow White herself, however, was not really who they intended to be.
    The story consists of mostly 1-2 page chapters.
I don't want to point out the bad but you put lavu instead of lavi on the previous page.
@crimsonrain19 ALRIGHT!! XD cant wait 2 read more!! I want 2 catch up asap!
Wow. Im jst blown away! I don't usually expect much from fanfics on wattpad bt this 1 is exceptionally good :) props 4 u 
I was reading this on my ipod in class and when I finished i was like "HOLY CRAP, THIS IS AMAZING!!!"great job ^ ^