The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

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*I have zero intentions of editing this or revisiting it. Writing is tragic. Read at your own cringey risk.*

'I was the typical good girl. Did my work, never got into fights. Never partied. Never got wasted, high, nothing like that.
He on the other hand, was the total opposite. Every body knew his name. Some even shivered at the sound of it, at the mere thought of it. 
I told myself I'd never get involved with someone like that. But boy was I wrong. 
Here's my story of the typical 'good girl falls the wrong boy.' '


Emily Michelle Michaelson is your typical good girl, who is pure at heart but falls for the bad boy, Jeremiah Edwards. He claims he loves her but she knows his game. She just got out of a relationship with an ex-bad boy. Whom she and many others thought she had 'changed'. 
Emily & Jeremiah have a lot of up and downs but will they be able to overcome it all?
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