The Bad Boy [Slowly Editing]

The Bad Boy [Slowly Editing]

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COMPLETED. ~ 'I was the typical good girl. Did my work, never got into fights. Never partied. Never got wasted, high, nothing like that.
He on the other hand, was the total opposite. Every body knew his name. Some even shivered at the sound of it, at the mere thought of it. 
I told myself I'd never get involved with someone like that. But boy was I wrong. 
Here's my story of the typical 'good girl falls the wrong boy.' '


Emily Michelle Michaelson is your typical good girl, who is pure at heart but falls for the bad boy, Jeremiah Edwards. He claims he loves her but she knows his game. She just got out of a relationship with an ex-bad boy. Whom she and many others thought she had 'changed'. 
Emily & Jeremiah have a lot of up and downs but will they be able to overcome it all?
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precious770 precious770 Nov 06, 2016
My eyes are like that they depend on my mood but they're also grey.
ParkOnMyJimin ParkOnMyJimin Sep 01, 2016
Oh god no.. I should actually stop reading this book now.. but I'm going to ignore all this 1D stuff and concentrate on the story.
Ningka135 Ningka135 Jun 07, 2016
Hi hi.  Also from SA. I love your book and I am only at chapter 1
23alwaysandforever23 23alwaysandforever23 May 21, 2016
Wow, my name is Abby, josh is a guy I liked for years before he cheated on my best friend, and lee is his dad's name😂
Phan195 Phan195 Jul 02, 2016
I've heard around 3 one direction songs. I don't particularly like them but their music isn't horrible.
wyannethg wyannethg Mar 13, 2016
I love this book already cause I'm 12 years old and I loveee Harry and my sis is 15 going to 16 on April and she's in love with Louis