Loves not always great--STYDIA AU--

Loves not always great--STYDIA AU--

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IloveMalia By teenwolfalternative Updated Oct 27, 2018

Lydia is 16 years old. Hasn't had the best time at school. Just wants to feel powerful. Acts like she is ok for the sake of everyone else but is really suffering.

Stiles is 16 years old. Has a traumatic past. Not great at hiding his emotions from Lydia. Is an absolute player and idiot.

When they reconnect by coincidence what will happen? And what will happen when they are faced with the toughest fight of their lives?

Did I mention that they go to a supernatural school?

They will be a lot of supernatural stuff in this story. I'm really new to all this so I hope you like it xx

I don't own any characters all rights go to mtv and Jeff Davis.

Stydia (ovs)

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