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Kakashi's Daughter

Kakashi's Daughter

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Alexan By Grace31 Updated Jul 05, 2015

I do not own Naruto. 
      Lucy thinks she is normal, well mostly normal if normal meant avoiding beatings from your dad who isn't even your dad and having strange red eyes that had like four pupils and being a champ fighter and a lot of other things. 
     yeah that is her life and she likes it that way. One day she wakes up in a hotel with a letter from her mother and some guy named Kakashi Hatake. Both letters say that Kakashi is her dad and that he is a Ninja and that she is going to be living with him.
     How is she going to deal with this and adjust to some totally wacky new bits of her heritage? read to find out.
again I do not own Naruto

Kakashi crying then he says in his mind "okay I give up I can't fight back the tears any longer" Then ",SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS PART," Minato appears and says "Your giving up already…are you really my student?
I could see and hear it now she gives him a rib cracking hug and he's like "shhh it okay" owwwww he mouthed "don't cry I should be the one crying at the strength you put into this hug... owwwww he mouthed again.....😋
zeref-ismine zeref-ismine Jun 26, 2016
LillyWater101 LillyWater101 Sep 28, 2016
Killeen? Killeen!....why Killeen? Also, if this is this the same motel six I know about...don't use black light. It's best you do not know what can not be seen without it.
Eat_The_Air Eat_The_Air Mar 08, 2016
She like either (NARUTO IS BOSS AND I MEET HIM) or like (what's a hokage?)
xASCEx xASCEx Feb 24, 2016
Really? I thought it was obvious... or are they just slow on the uptake