Snow ✓

Snow ✓

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K.M. Case By krismcase Completed

☆2018 THE WATTYS LONG-LISTED☆ | A girl with a peculiar pedigree is dumped on a stranger's doorstep during the worst snowstorm the hamlet Myst has ever known. Selectively mute, she refuses to tell her hosts from whence she came and her name. For lack of knowing what else to do, the crotchety old woman and her grandson Mat grant her sanctuary and take to calling her Snow. But her very being and close-kept secrets serve to disrupt their daily lives. 

The mystery comes to a head when a dead man is discovered in the front yard after the first serious thaw. Strangers turned ragtag family, they dispose of the body. Years without incident pass, slackening  their caution. But when Mat introduces Snow to an old friend with a dangerous secret, he threatens all they hold dear. The world's suddenly at their door, and it quickly becomes clear that Snow's meant for greater things. 

A story of loss, friendship and all the grit in between. 

☆ World of Champions Awards' (II) fantasy category winner | October 2018
☆ 3rd place in the Golden Awards' fantasy category | July 2018
☆ 2nd place in Titan Awards' fantasy category | March 2018
☆ Awarded "Best Grammar" and "Best Flow" in Titan Awards | March 2018
☆ 1st place in The Infinite Awards' Special Awards category: Best Friendship | January 2018

#15 in fantasy | December 2018
#10 in adventure | December 2018
#4 in world building | December 2018
#1 in speculative fiction | December 2018
#2 in quest | September 2018
#3 in fairies | September 2018
#7 in scifi-fantasy | September 2018
#123 in new adult | August 2018
#183 in fairytale | August 2018
#2 in human experimentation | July 2018

First installment of an intended series.

Rated PG-13

I'm always looking to improve my writing, so please comment and critique. Let me know what you think!

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Inkfriend Inkfriend Oct 27, 2018
                              This is very well-written and causes goosebumps to run through the reader. It's great that you had me questioning right from the start, "Why is she eating flowers? What is going on?" and you just kept it going. I can honestly see this becoming a published book someday. Great job!
igiveacrap igiveacrap Oct 22, 2018
although, confusing i quite enjoyed this. i believe there isn’t much you can pour into this to make it less confusing and still keep it as a prologue. your grammar is impeccable and i really liked the dark eerie setting you created. there’s enough to keep us interested and wanting. nice work.
ShannonPatch ShannonPatch Sep 12, 2018
Your writing is beautiful - poetic even. It evokes so much emotion and imagery.
SwanJFHBylanderIII SwanJFHBylanderIII Oct 28, 2018
 #ABC @krismcase
                              I was gonna ask why she acted like a certain animal but you've done it for me lol
Witto150 Witto150 Oct 17, 2018
 #Albina I think you meant "language" instead of "tongue" :-)
ShannonPatch ShannonPatch Sep 12, 2018
Unless you specify that the tears are simply an instinct, a reaction - not emotional or fear-based