One Direction News!

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Alyssa By 1D_is_fabuLOUIS Updated 3 years ago
Have you ever wanted to know what the flack Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik are up to? Well, check this out! This "story" is all about the things the boys are up to right now! Its updated every time something happens so check it out!
That's so funny but igt say I love his hair I don't think blacks his color, but it's his decision if he wants to he can.
As long as niall is happy with his choice, then im ok, but it's not like our opinions matter. If niall wants something, he should go for it, instead of fans criticizing him, saying he should have warned them or something, Im just saying.
no i think nall hair should stay blonde and forever stay blonde i love niall james horan as a blonde
i will love him no matter what he looks like but i don't think he would look god with black hair
I'll love him no matter what he looks like! But idk about other directioners..I mean ALOT of fans on twitter unfollowed Zayn cuz he wasn't in some concerts...he should do wat ever the h3ll he wants...why does management control him?!!?
if changes his hair color I"LL DIE!!! it's hard to see the only blode guy in 1D dyeing his hair black!!!!