After Shock (#2 - Semper Fi Series)

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Amanda Vickers is a Detective for Grubbs County Sheriff’s Department in Grubbs County, GA. She is widowed, having lost her husband in Iraq five years ago. She met Paul Reinhardt, as well as the rest of the Team, on an assignment to protect one of her deceased husband’s best friends, Adam Hartman, and his wife, Renee, from a serial killer. 
    She became a part of Semper Fi Security; the very people who were with her husband in Iraq who formed a protective agency after helping the Hartman’s.
    She and Paul have formed a strong bond of friendship but Amanda’s afraid to go beyond friendship. She’s afraid Paul won’t be given a fair shake because she compares every man to Dan.
    Paul wasn’t looking to marry until he met Amanda. He knows about Dan and about what took his life. He knows more than Amanda thinks he does, and he is willing to help her move on with her life, but he does not want to push her or dishonor the memory of her husband. 
    Their new assignment to protect Alyssa McDonald and her children will send them to California and force them to rely on one another. With the team across the country, they’re alone and will have to not only depend on the other for tactical support, but learn to trust one another on the deepest level. 
    Will Amanda learn that love can come more than once in a lifetime? Will Paul be able to break through the barriers that Amanda erected around her heart after she lost her husband? 
    (Author’s note: There’s a tissue alert for the Prologue. It was hard to write. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
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so is Aaron and Dan the same person cuz the name kept getting mixed up
Hey, I don't know if you've ever heard the song "Homeland":
                                    It's one of my favorite songs to sing. I get chills every time.
Wow! You're a great writer!!! :D I really like this! Is this the book about the girl you were telling me about??? Haha Could I ask you if you can read my book synthetic Beauty?? thanks!!!
I love your writing!  Emotional, guttural, action, suspense and mystery - all respectfully written and godly.  Such a pleasure to read.