Why Me? (Naruto Fanfic)

Why Me? (Naruto Fanfic)

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Kyo --- きょ 。 By KDLoveReadingIsAlive Updated Jul 05, 2018

Naruto Gets Neglected For His Siblings, Mina (A Girl), Menma (A Boy).

 Except For One Other Sibling... Her Name Is Mika, And She Was Kind To Naruto.

And A Girl Named Kyla Akiyama She Was Naruto's Best Friend And Kyla Was Also Neglected By Her Parents (She's The Only Child) And She Saved Naruto From His Sadness.

And Sasuke Uchiha His Friend Who Also Liked Him, They Also Fight But They Are Still Close Friends.

And It All End Well.. 

(I Don't Own Naruto All I Own Is The OC's I Made.)

(BTW Mika Is The nickname Of My Friend In Real Life. I Just Added Her For No Reason ?)

Made By: KDLovesReading
Published In October 23, 2017
3:40 A.M


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