Heartbeats | ✔

Heartbeats | ✔

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"Every beat of my heart gives me one more reason to be alive." 

Jamie stood with a boyish smile on his face as he watched the cashier mumble song lyrics to herself. It was when she went cross eyed to examine her curly hair that he cleared his throat. 

It made his day when she jumped startled knocking down the napkin holders. Her face was a mix between embarrassment and shock. 

"I am so sorry." She rushed out picking up the spilled napkins. "What would you like to order?" 

"I'd like a lemon cupcake for here, please." 

She nodded mumbling his order over and over to herself until she came back with his cupcake. "Um that'll be 3.74." 

He handed her the money with a grin and took his cupcake. As he sat down at one of the little tables shoving a strawberry cupcake in his mouth he watched her give his cupcake to a man waiting for the one he was shoveling in his mouth.


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