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Haruhi Has a Twin?(boyXboy)

Haruhi Has a Twin?(boyXboy)

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Saraka Uchiha By Saraka_Kohera Updated Dec 17, 2016

This is a OCXHikaru Love Story. 
Leo Fujioka, older twin to Haruhi Fujioka. Ya no one knew they where twins but their father, mother, aunt,and eachother. The reason why was that after their mother died their father didn't have enouph money to sustain both so he asked which was willing to move to their aunts. Leo agreed and left his twin to go to his mother's sister. Leo loved his sister but everyone knew that she was a fathers girl and her was a momma's boy and her didn't want to break her and father up. When he got to America he became fasinated in the music and started to sing. One day he was told he was really good and that he should make videos. That's what he did. He made music videos and sent them all to his twin and posted them on youtube. When he turned 13 he got signed and met his band. They travel alot, but when he turned 15 the managers for the group decides they should finish school in a school. Leo decides he wants to finish school in Japan, but his manager will only let him be in a school named Ouran Academy. How will everyone react to a new student, better yet how will Leo and Haruhi react to eachother? And we cant forget the reactions of the host club!!! Read and Find out about the things Leo does to the host club. Will a certain red headed twin catch his eye?

HanaOtaku0 HanaOtaku0 Jun 01
Imagine if you're school was pink I would have the same reaction.
I'm sure Leon bites. He bites Reborn obviously. Only when Reborn managed to piss him off
I'm a cancer and u hold all ur emotions in and once u let them out it (well for me it does) it takes me 1 hour to go from it to depressed and emotionless
Same I simply wear anything that involves black and white. Sometimes gray,blue,and red. ⚠ as long as it doesn't involve pink ⚠
The place were ull lose ur sanity and now I officially declare that ur in a wonderful wonderland of pink hell and I bid u good luck -3- ull need ir
I don't (wink) what should you do! lol 
                              off-sly join host club