The Fabulous Dreams of Maggie de Beer

The Fabulous Dreams of Maggie de Beer

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Fifteen year-old Maggie arrives in London on the run from her humdrum suburban life, determined to make it big in show business. 

For more than thirty years she is exploited by both men and the media. She struggles against endless set-backs and disappointments, always remaining optimistic, always believing that this time her big break has come.  Then, when most of us would have given up all hope, the celebrity circus rockets her to bizarre and unexpected pinnacles of fame.  

Starting in 1970 Maggie de Beer’s journey mirrors the rise of celebrity culture and the growth of the media which ruthlessly created it, exploiting and destroying the lives of girls like Maggie who willingly offered themselves up, happy to make any amount of personal sacrifices in exchange for a chance to live the dream. She is determined to make herself “interesting” and only when she finally achieves her goal, at enormous personal cost, does she finally discover, under the full glare of the media spotlight, that the family she was running away from was never as humdrum as she had believed.

This is the story of a woman who just wanted to be recognised and loved by the public.

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shadowgirlzzz shadowgirlzzz Jan 07, 2017
Sounds like mom has a back story that the daughter doesn't know about.
shadowgirlzzz shadowgirlzzz Jan 07, 2017
Just like 90% of teenagers everywhere. I love how you have captured the dynamics of this family and draw the reader in. Could be any family, anywhere.
shadowgirlzzz shadowgirlzzz Jan 07, 2017
"A sunny place for shady people" I bet this line has been stolen from you more tines than you can count! I love it.
shadowgirlzzz shadowgirlzzz Jan 07, 2017
I was reading Steffi first but a quick visit to your website told me that this is the prequel to that one so here I am. I love your style of writing. Easy to grasp and entertaining.
LisanYee LisanYee Apr 24, 2015
Love the beginning already. Am a local KL girl and lived in England for abit. This made me feel right at home.
anitanorah anitanorah May 03, 2014
brilliant first chapter, love your no nonsense style of writing