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Mute (BoyXBoy)

Mute (BoyXBoy)

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David Beck By DavidBeck Updated Aug 19, 2015

Leo has never had a friend. The closest he's ever gotten to one is his little sister, and mom. With a big move randomly tossed in his face and a new lifestyle he's forced to take part in, he's beginning to question if anyone is really worth sharing his feelings with. Mute has never had a friend. The closest he's ever gotten to one is the notebook he keeps on him at all times. When someone new tries to force his way into the life that's never been outside of his book, will he crack and finally share? Or push harder to keep him away?

I think that u probably stoke from the mafia and bought this house because no one can just afford this with a snap of your fingers
FlamingIceFlowers FlamingIceFlowers Nov 07, 2016
B*ch f*ck no! I try to get Wendy's at least every other Wednesday
XxXTheAwkwardOneXxX XxXTheAwkwardOneXxX Nov 15, 2016
Oh will give you my love 💞💞💞 please take good care of it
RenegadeWRTR RenegadeWRTR Nov 20, 2016
I now want to mount their head on a flagpole XD
                              I'd have a dayum kabob if I were to do that to everyone I hate.
                              I'd have a dayum kabob warehouse full of heads of my enemies on sticks and feed their bodies to the zombies during the apocalypse.
SkaterJordan12 SkaterJordan12 Sep 12, 2016
Give me food, milkshake, your Netflix password, WiFi password and a thong (don't question me) then I'll do the honors of loving you.
Ohellllnobai Ohellllnobai Dec 17, 2016
                              My name is Chloe and I have blonde hair, and call my brother bubba/bubbie
                              Now continue reading the comments people who do not care XD