I have three Mates

I have three Mates

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Meet Riley Johnson, 16 years old, youngest among four brothers. Riley's life turned upside down when he comes out from the closet. The once out going, happy guy turned into the introvert nerd, and was constantly bullied, though his parents and older brothers love him to death. So, what happens when his birthday comes? His in for a whole lot of surprise when he found his mates. 

Now meet Anthony, Andrew and Alex Anderson, extremely good looking and popular sons of the Alpha of Crystal Moon pack. they were sure that they will never find their mate because it's rare for triplets to find them so, they just play around, hook up with whoever they want. They were branded as the man whores of the school. So, what will happens when the person they thought they will never find comes to their life?

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Who else thinks that gay couples are hot......... Just me ok...😳
I understand this on some level. When my brother came out as bi he posted it on insta for his friends to see, our mum shouted at him for doing it and said he was just confused and that's he was wrong. 
                              She got over it and now we're happy again.
Holy sweet baby Jesus freaking taco Bell 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
It's not called being gay..... it's called being fabulous 😍😍😋😂
- - Oct 13
My parents accept me for having a crush on non existent person.
He the hottest thing i seen in a longggg time*licks lips* p.s not a pervert he's just hot😂